Old Havana Casino


The first image one will see upon visiting the Old Havana Casino is Tony Soprano from ‘The Sopranos’ holding a cigar in his hand. The atmosphere of this casino is filled with fun, laughter and an all-around good time. All games found in this online casino can be played in fun mode or real money mode. Players are able to try out each and every game before making an actual deposit. With all the different games and great features offered, Old Havana is a must stop for all gaming enthusiasts.

The Old Havana Casino provides a variety of chances for players to win bonuses on a weekly basis. The first great promotion offered through this casino is their incredible 200% double match bonus. Players will not find a deal like this anywhere else. If a player deposits $500 as their initial deposit, they are guaranteed to receive a $1,000 bonus from Old Havana.

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There is also a chance to receive an additional $25 just for using a MST gift card. What really draws in players are the weekly bonus opportunities offered by Old Havana. Unlike most online casinos that only offer bonuses for new players, there is always a bonus to look forward to with Old Havana. The weekly bonuses are new and exciting each week and typically offer up to 10 free cash prizes for players to enjoy.

When it comes to their games, Old Havana has the best options around for slot machines. With this online casino, one can enjoy slots exclusive to Old Havana like Random and Minor Jackpots. Whether one is a beginner or professional gamer, there is a wide variety of options to choose from at Old Havana. For especially skilled players, video poker and blackjack options are available with great rewards.

Because of Old Havana Casino’s amazing weekly bonus offerings and wide selection of games for both beginners and experts alike, this casino is a must visit. So grab a cigar, sit back, and enjoy a good time in Old Havana.